Ditty (that jingle that gets stuck in your head)

While in college, a friend of mine used to go to lecture halls and sit near the back. While everyone was waiting for the class to start he would hum a little common ditty. With amazing results, he would hear strangers in front of him repeat the same ditty without even knowing they were doing it. It would transfer from person to person without full consciousness of their participation. Mindlessly, the crowd would carry the ditty down rows to the front of the auditorium. Weekly, he would test to see how far it would go.

I’m sure we all mindlessly hummed a ditty, sang a commercial jingle not realizing we were doing it. We know that these jingles can influence our decisions. Make us buy things that might be an inferior product, just because its name is in our mind woven in that simple musical tapestry.

Don’t mindlessly follow the ditty and let them tell you what’s good. Try Fourth Coast Cider and try a truly remarkable cider. Our dry cider has a complex taste with a thirst quenching finish.

We have no ditty, just the best hard cider.

So when you want a good drink follow your own path and Sing your own song!

CTS (unique)

I noticed when ever I texted someone something the least bit humorous, I’d get the obligatory, “lol.” Sometimes I thought ‘that wasn’t that funny.’ It has become the sameness in our response. Though we are not all equal, there is uniqueness in this world. I may kickback with a nice cold one, but my cold one is hard cider. Fermented cider, golden, carbonated, like the traditional cold one, but unique. Its ok to be unique and express that uniqueness. Since years ago, my wife wrote me a funny text and I commented “CTS” or “Chuckle To Self” because it really wasn’t worth a complete LOL. Since then, it made it into our vocabulary. No we are not all doing the same and laughing out loud some of us just chuckle to ourselves because if we were all LOL all the time, we’d look pretty crazy.

Be unique and drink hard cider, CTS!

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