Fun with Barrels!

Let’s have fun with barrels! Barrels or BBLs is how we track the amount of delicious cider that we make. At Fourth Coast Ciderworks, we plan backwards from our Brite Tank, which is set in BBLs. That seems easy, but really the international standard on BBL is tricky.

You’d think a foot is a foot or a meter is a meter. Well, a gallon is not even a gallon. We measure a gallon as 1 gallon, while an imperial gallon is 1.2 U.S. gallons. Wine BBLs are 50 or more gallons – burgundy bbl is 60 gallons; Bordeaux bbl is  59 gallons; Cognac bbl is even 79 gallons!

At Fourth Coast Ciderworks, we make small batches to ensure quality. We work with beer size, about 3 BBLs per batch. This is under 100 gallons of pure delicious quality cider per batch!