CTS (unique)

I noticed when ever I texted someone something the least bit humorous, I’d get the obligatory, “lol.” Sometimes I thought ‘that wasn’t that funny.’ It has become the sameness in our response. Though we are not all equal, there is uniqueness in this world. I may kickback with a nice cold one, but my cold one is hard cider. Fermented cider, golden, carbonated, like the traditional cold one, but unique. Its ok to be unique and express that uniqueness. Since years ago, my wife wrote me a funny text and I commented “CTS” or “Chuckle To Self” because it really wasn’t worth a complete LOL. Since then, it made it into our vocabulary. No we are not all doing the same and laughing out loud some of us just chuckle to ourselves because if we were all LOL all the time, we’d look pretty crazy.

Be unique and drink hard cider, CTS!

#CTSchuckle #4cciderworks

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